Presentation of the SPRINT project at the INCOSE-IL seminar 2011

The audience at the seminar. On the 15th of September 2011, the Internet of System Engineering SPRINT Project was presented at the INCOSE-IL seminar in Herzliya, Israel. The seminar was intended for practitioners and researchers from academia such as system engineers, system project managers, developers of embedded systems and tool developers with a particular interest in model based engineering and integrated tool environments.

Uri Shani from IBM presenting the components of the project. After an overall presentation of the SPRINT project, the Internet of Systems Engineering (IoSE) approach was presented. This included the Physical Devices coupling to the IoSE, which supports for example the distributed Hardware in the Loop simulation (HiL).

Michael Winokur from IAI and Christos Sofronis from ALES with the conclusions. After this some key topics of the project was presented for example an implemented collaboration platform and the technology behind semantic mediation, which is another approach of translation between different languages used by different engineering tools. The seminar was very successful and the feedback of the audience was very postive.