Simplifying the Design of Complex Engineering Systems

SPRINT is a collaboration between industry leaders and research institutes in the European Union to build an Internet-based platform that will unify the diverse companies and engineering disciplines working on the various components of complex engineering projects. The SPRINT project - short for Software Platform for Integration of Engineering and Things - aims to overcome the challenges presented by today's silo'ed approach, where the actual integration and testing of the various components is only possible once the system can be completely assembled.

The new Internet platform will connect the tools used by the different companies to present a single unified picture of the system being developed. For example, such tools include IBM Rational's Rhapsody for design, Team Center for testing, DOORS for requirements engineering, Wolfram MathCore's SystemModeler, HP's Quality Center, Elvior's TestCast, as well as other inhouse proprietary tools. The consortium will use the Jazz technology from Rational as a foundation to create an integration layer that connects all the tools, teams, models, and methods.

SPRINT formally endorses OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration).