Industrial use case: Automated Towing System


This text briefly describes the validation example that will be developed during the initial stages of the SPRINT Research Project. This system description will be used to create Robotics Systems Models that will be used to test the tools and infrastructure that are to be developed in the SPRINT project, and is not related to the development of any specific system.


The Automated Towing System provides "tow services" to "operational UGVs", by leveraging the capabilities of the "TowBot" - an Unmanned Autonomous Ground Vehicle. The system includes an array of user vehicles (service consumers), an array of TowBots (service providers), and a C4 system (ATS Control) to coordinate TowBot activity. When a user vehicle (UV) experiences a failure that prevents its continued travel, the ATS Control allocates a TowBot, which then travels to the UV, is connected to that UV, and tows that UV to the maintenance depot. At the maintenance depot, the UV is disconnected from the TowBot. The TowBot then returns to the TowBot queue.